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Dor nos ombros, nos braços, nas costas, nas pernas, na cabeça, nos pisantes. Quem tem fibromialgia conhece bem o corpo, pois todo ele reclama. Pessoas com esse quadro clínico sofrem duplicadamente, pois a doença demorou a ser reconhecida como um mal físico. E a expectativa é grande. Todos apostam na equipe brasileira para fazer bonito e a responsabilidade do time é grande demais.

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Like, the basic premise is this 15 year old, Jude, wins a talent competition and gets a record deal and falls in love with her early twenties producer who is a kind of washed up boy band member, Tommy. The thing is, teenage me totally shipped these two with all my heart. The show wanted you to. Oh, and said older man has a mysterious past and anger issues and completely gaslights her all the fucking time. Aside from that, almost every episode had an original song that usually related to the main theme of the episode i. The songs were actually kind of amazing and I still have some on different playlists I still listen to. The main girl is played by this girl Alexz Johnson who is super talented and, in hindsight, is one of the first women I had a crush on. You wrote about an incestual relationship. This had no point and I am now going on more tangents.

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